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August 12, 2006


It appears that I have finally found a use for my domain - I'm joining the world of knit bloggers and beginning a whole new adventure in my fibery world!

Stay tuned as I figure out how to work this thing - for an office applications guru, this web stuff feels a bit scary!

August 15, 2006

Hankie Panky

Though I have been knitting obsessively for years, and have so many projects and so much yarn in the wings, I recently got the spinning bug and unfortunately, it's stuck! I really didn't expect or want to get into spinning - I'm just someone who likes to know how it works. I took a glassblowing class for a weekend in the late 90s - loved it, but never need to do it again. So, I took a three-hour spinning class in March, stomped around frustrated for 2.5 of those hours and thought, "phew - I don't think I like this." I was told to practice on my drop spindle for 15 minutes a day - that's how I would figure it out. The wool sat in a bag in my knitting corner of the couch for two weeks taunting me. When I finally picked it back up, I tried to remember to breathe, read a bit about drop spindles, and off I went!

I've spun up some lovely hand-dyed wool and merino, and am working through a pound of corriedale on my little spindle, which has now morphed into three spindles. I have another pound of BFL waiting for me too - the fiber stash begins! Then those enablers over posted about a sale at the Yarn Tree. There were those mysterious silk hankies I'd read about and knew that yes, they would be mine at such a price! They arrived a few days later looking quite plain in their undyed state, and I began to dream about KoolAid.

I'm not much of a color person - when I made pottery, my glaze M.O. was to just dunk in a glaze. No painting of designs, no mixing colors - simple was my way. But I've been searching for the right handpaint mix of pinks and reds for another clapotis, so I figured I could do it with KoolAid. I did my research and went on the hunt for pretty little packets of sugar free KoolAid. Who knew it was so hard to find? I come from the land of the giant grocery store that carries zillions of choices of everything - in this land where I live now, we have moderate grocery stores - nowhere near the choices. I had to go to two stores to get what I wanted - wading though the "invisible" style, the big boxes I'd never use, and realizing all the single packets were sugar free!

As you can see, my experiment was fairly successful, though I may overdye some of the hankies from the bottom of the stack. I used the microwave method, put the stack in a pyrex baking dish wrapped in plastic wrap, and poured the dye over the pile. The instructions said to then nuke in 2-minute increments until the solution was clear - mine was clear immediately! The dye barely reached the bottom of the 4oz stack of hankies - given the amount of liquid in the pan, I was quite surprised. That silk sure takes dye.

Right after I took this photo, I sat down for one second with all the hankies on the towel on the kitchen floor. Suddenly I realized it was too quiet around here, and found my little wrecking ball of a kitten had made off with a stack of hankies!

Why that was appealing I'll never know, but the stack was rescued and the towel was moved to a closed room to continue drying. The strand at the bottom is one hankie I stretched per AmyKnitty's article - next post I'll show it to you spun up!

August 18, 2006

Giddy Hangover

If you're going to have a hangover, I guess this is the kind to have. This week has felt like I had a great hit of the perfect mood altering substance - even though I gave (most of) them up years ago!

Got the blog up (barely, but up), joined the Spinning SP on knitty, finished up a cable swatch I test-knit for a cool designer, took a class on owning my own business yesterday, and finished off with a trip to Knitting Sisters and Trader Joe's, and this morning, my best girlfriend who moved far, far away almost two years ago FINALLY got her computer set up! Shoutout to Georgia!

Unfortunately, with all that giddy energy, I think I went retarded on the SP thing. If I've blown it, so sorry - but package in the mail already today!!

Adventures in fiber - truly!

August 30, 2006

Knitting ADD


two sockstubeyspin

I'm quite the flibberdigibbet these days - there are just so many things calling to me. Top row, L to R: CeCe from ChicKnits, a very simple and fun lace pattern in Butterfly cotton; a take on Zib's Via Diagonale pattern that will become a felted bag when it grows up; and Annie Modesitt's lace corset top - I didn't buy enough of the buttons I really, really liked*, so bought more that I really, really don't like, and the top sits waiting for me to find the right buttons again. Bottom row, L to R: two socks on two circs from the toe up - all parts new tricks for me, in Lucy Neatby's lovely merino; A Tubey started in something by Gedifra I picked up on sale in Asheville - gotta take all this out because the sleeves are too tight at the shoulder; and almost half of the pound of corriedale wool spun up - the cakes are ball-wound singles waiting to be plied. There are many, many more that I just haven't gotten around to photographing yet - phew! I'm also working on test-knit swatches - can't show those to you yet. CeCe will be getting my attention this weekend while Ernesto brings us some much needed rain.

*Standard MO - leave the house without ALL the information I will need whenever I get where I'm going - like exactly how many buttons I need instead of "oh, twelve sounds about right."

August 31, 2006

Spinning Sp - Identity Revealed!

Here she is in all her glory - I think her name is Me and she's got the greatest hair!

secret pal

She's saying "Oh yes, this is all my own handspun..."

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