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Giddy Hangover

If you're going to have a hangover, I guess this is the kind to have. This week has felt like I had a great hit of the perfect mood altering substance - even though I gave (most of) them up years ago!

Got the blog up (barely, but up), joined the Spinning SP on knitty, finished up a cable swatch I test-knit for a cool designer, took a class on owning my own business yesterday, and finished off with a trip to Knitting Sisters and Trader Joe's, and this morning, my best girlfriend who moved far, far away almost two years ago FINALLY got her computer set up! Shoutout to Georgia!

Unfortunately, with all that giddy energy, I think I went retarded on the SP thing. If I've blown it, so sorry - but package in the mail already today!!

Adventures in fiber - truly!


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