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two sockstubeyspin

I'm quite the flibberdigibbet these days - there are just so many things calling to me. Top row, L to R: CeCe from ChicKnits, a very simple and fun lace pattern in Butterfly cotton; a take on Zib's Via Diagonale pattern that will become a felted bag when it grows up; and Annie Modesitt's lace corset top - I didn't buy enough of the buttons I really, really liked*, so bought more that I really, really don't like, and the top sits waiting for me to find the right buttons again. Bottom row, L to R: two socks on two circs from the toe up - all parts new tricks for me, in Lucy Neatby's lovely merino; A Tubey started in something by Gedifra I picked up on sale in Asheville - gotta take all this out because the sleeves are too tight at the shoulder; and almost half of the pound of corriedale wool spun up - the cakes are ball-wound singles waiting to be plied. There are many, many more that I just haven't gotten around to photographing yet - phew! I'm also working on test-knit swatches - can't show those to you yet. CeCe will be getting my attention this weekend while Ernesto brings us some much needed rain.

*Standard MO - leave the house without ALL the information I will need whenever I get where I'm going - like exactly how many buttons I need instead of "oh, twelve sounds about right."


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