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Note to Self

Yup, another one. This time it's: always call to confirm hours, especially if you're driving more than 20 miles to look at spinning wheels at a shop that's only open one Saturday a month. Even if you did call them last week to chat about their one Saturday a month, and knew in advance that the wheel people there would be off at a family wedding so she couldn't really tell me anything about the wheels.

But I'll start at the beginning. It's my 7th anniversary - DH and I are 100% MFEO* and I'm damned lucky I met him. We always do a round trip drive to the Outer Banks on the best beach day each weekend - it's our mini-therapy every week and we have a routine with the 1.5 hour drive. We headed out this morning with the plan that after leaving the beach, we'd head for The Woolery in Murfreesboro, NC. Say it out loud - what a fun word. Having already called, I printed directions from their website this morning confident I'd get to at least be with real wheels in person. We fished - we were leisurely. We both caught anniversary bluefish - I think it's been at least two years since we've caught anything surf fishing. It would have been more fun if I didn't have to rip their lips off getting the hooks out - but they both swam off when released. An hour or so after I mentioned that it had been a while since we'd seen dolphins, as we were leaving the beach, a large group popped up close in to shore and had a lazy and what I assumed waas happy swim - nice. Tanned and filled with yellow sun energy, we headed off on an excellent adventure into the boonies of North Carolina.

The road to Murfreesboro is lined with cotton fields. Now I've always loved the way the fields look when the cotton's popping out, this time, on a journey to see about a spinning wheel, that cotton practically called to me. It was all I could do not to leap from the car at a stoplight to pick some out of its prickly husk to play with the fiber. And couldn't help but think of poor Sally Field and her family in that movie, picking cotton til their hands bled. But the cotton - so fluffy and white.

That fluttery feeling - anticipation, excitement, nervousness - was in full swing as we pulled into "town" and started looking at addresses - there it is! Looks kind of dark. It IS dark. Unbelievable! We stared in the (dirty) windows, cupping our hands to see piles of fiber, wheels galore (not the Joy or Lendrum, but a Traveler, Louet, and Kromski plus more), and books, yarn on cones - a bonanza of fun stuff. Behind locked doors. Two hours from the beach - and another 1.5 hours home. UGH!

Not to be defeated, we had a late anniversary lunch at Waffle House and headed home, whereupon I snuck out and got DH an edger while he mowed. You reach a point in marriage and home ownership that gifts are all about making life easier. He currently uses one of those evil weed whackers with the string thing - he curses it every time he uses it, and he makes the edges of the yard look like he chewed them.

Nice day - and there's always the Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia that I'll drag DH to next weekend!

*Made For Each Other


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