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The 11 Sweetest Words...

Have to be (for this drop spindler anyway) "Baby, how 'bout I buy you a wheel for our anniversary?" SQUEEEE! Outta nowhere! Okay, maybe I did whine about my sore arms that I killed with marathon spindling over the long holiday weekend - but only once. And I had already clearly established that a wheel is the one and only thing I want for Christmas, so it was out of the blue to think about it for this month! Okay, so not really that out of the blue - DH did just buy a himself big LCD TV and surround sound system when he went alone to Costco on Sunday. (note to self - it's NEVER a good idea to let DH go to Costco alone - even if I am at death's door coughing up a lung.) He, for the first time ever, was paid the promised bonus, and apparently he's celebrating. Can't find any fault there.

I think he was disappointed I didn't jump right up and pick a wheel to order - I suggested that I'd like to hold off til a fiber festival in October so I might see and try a few different wheels. I'm not sure though that I can wait - or that trying wheels at the festival will be good for me. I get performance anxiety - I learn best if I'm left alone to RTFM and muck around. So, the research begins - what tremendous fun!


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