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Chelsea Morning

I woke up early this morning as usual, and decided to clear out TIVO while sipping my morning latte. My wonderful husband had secretly recorded a BBC Jewels show –it was Joni Mitchell from 1970. I love love love Joni, and put it right on and immediately burst into tears. I don’t know why, except that the songs are part of the soundtrack of my life. Or maybe it’s because I often weep at the sight of masters of anything – cooking, dog-training, music. It was certainly a fabulous way to start the day, and of course I had to call my aunti who’s mostly responsible for my love of Joni. Back in 1982-3ish, I bought tickets for me and two friends to see her in concert. Unfortunately, those two friends were my parents’ nightmare, and I was forbidden to go with them. Luckily, my aunti was available and surprised me – she and my mother were my dates for the show. And it was, of course, brilliant. Joni was even more fabulous because she’d just married her bass player – wonder if they’re still together. And I got to say recently, "can you believe we saw Joni 24 years ago?!" It's new that I can say things that start with 20 years ago - freaky, wonderful, and a bit scary all at once! Do you ever have mornings like me?

I promise to return to spinning and knitting content in the next post.


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