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I have absolutely nothing exciting to say as I wait in this wheel-less limboland. I know The Woolery will send me my Lendrum the minute it arrives, but as they told me when I made the order three weeks ago, the Lendrum man is reliably backlogged. I'm knitting away on a Tubey and some samples for a designer, but my mind is whirling with thoughts of spinning. Not the kind of spinning that my drop spindles can satisfy. Not that I have any clue, as I've spent approximately four whole minutes (total) at a spinning wheel in two different sessions, and both times (in public places, mind you) freaked out, got performance anxiety, jumped up and ran away to hide.

So, instead of pretty yarn pictures, or a wheel in action, I leave you on this Friday evening with the incredibly photogenic, thinks she's so clever, just discovered she can get into the bathroom sink, truly irresistable beast that is the Bluefish. PS - How horrible is the light in my bathroom? No wonder I look so awful in the mornings!

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