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Big Day

At the Dream yesterday. Woke up at 4AM and proceeded to have a full morning before I went to work. First I fiinished plying the silk hankies, artfully displayed on the cat's bird watching post in the sunroom. This is 801 yards, and I'm almost positive now that I'll ply it back on itself for a bulkier yarn.

Then I set about dyeing the silk/wool fiber with the pokeberries, which turned into this:

I did my usual scientific method - I eyeballed the alum and cream of tartar in the dyepot and threw in the pokeberries loose. I mashed them about a bit and came up with a lovely shade of magenta - real, true, bright magenta. In went the fiber which immediately took on that bright hue. I wandered off for a bit, and when I returned, it had started taking on a few brownish spots, and then later completely changed into this strange pale, dirty apricot/peach (kind of like the baby loop I got in the CTH sale now that I think about it). I left it to soak in the pot all day, and found lots of color still left in the end. Silly to have left those mashed up berries loose in the pot - they had all firmly adhered to the fiber and took some work to rinse. If you look closely you may see some dark spots - berry bits. There are a very few faint streaks of that magenta buried in here. I have no idea - but I love that I've completed the circle started in the 70s when mom did some natural dyeing in the woods in rural Pennsylvania.

I unloaded the dishwasher, did the usual cat routine and then my own and worked a full day. During which I found out that carpet runners we had ordered were in and needed to be picked up, so I did that, lugged them and the carpet pads in from the car and did an instant redecoration of my halls. At which point, the UPS man turned up with my new desktop computer to replace the six-year old one that's become achingly slow. So, then I crawled around on the floor like a lizard to hook and unhook everything, during which time I made a feeble attempt to clean up the cable snare under the desk. I will be purchasing one of those newfangled devices that allows for those humongous adapter plugs that hog up space on your surge protector strip. I only made it worse and now have an additional cord snaking across the room, sure to trip the man when he gets home. Oy.

So, I am woman, hear me roar - all endeavors over the looooong day yesterday were successful, I'm freakishly strong for my size, I made my home wireless network function all by myself, and basically, I just rock. Thank you veddy much.

Random thought for the day: Do you find that, if your pants have more than the usual two-step closure, like two buttons, or a button and a hook, in addition to the zipper, you're more likely to leave your fly unzipped? Just wondering. If I have to think about more than the usual one-two, approximately 7 of 10 times I have to zip up, I'm likely to skip that third step altogether.


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