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Is it a sign?

Of better times on the way for our world? That this afternoon, on a bright sunshine-y day, an actual, real life Girl Scout knocked on my door selling cookies? I don't know about you, but the last time I think I saw an actual Girl Scout in a neighborhood (not in front of the grocery store) was oh, about the time I was knocking on doors in 1975! I'm no different than anyone else - Thin Mints make me nostalgic, and I buy the cookies every year from the mom or dad who's posted their daughter's form at work, but I do it grudgingly. What life skill does that teach the kid? Do they learn about earning their "pay?" The sense and thrill of success? How to handle rejection? No, they learn an easy way out, and all of us out there are forced to get our fix through less than satisfactory, obligated, impersonal transaction with the form posted on the break room wall.

We jump when someone knocks - we don't get a lot of visitors and we like it just fine that way. So I snarled when DH said "it's a kid at the door," prepared to turn away someone selling overpriced candy for their basketball team, or raffle tickets for something, but my heart leapt when I heard the little voice ask if he wanted to buy some GS cookies. I jumped up, greeted the little girl, and headed out to sit with her on my porch steps in the sun to fill out the form. It was a glorious sight - her dad standing out on the sidewalk with their two big dogs (a bonus for me) and her mom working the other side of the street with the older daughter and another dog. I engaged the little girl and agreed that her favorites, Thin Mints and Samoas were top-notch choices, and I hapily ordered four boxes. And then talked to the mom and dad, and the dogs.

I tell you, when I came back inside I was verklempt. Touched. Delighted. This is the way it's supposed to be! Oh, it made me smile. All was right with the world in this perfect little neighborhood moment. Yay world!


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