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Back in the saddle again

I've been humming since yesterday morning... Whew – I survived breaking my blog. It looked dicey for a few days there, but thanks to a rescue from my patient and smart blog hostess, I’m back in business and I can blather on and on some more. Funny how, before I had the blog, I had gazillions of things to say, and now I have it and find myself speechless a lot of the time – same thing during my blog break. Tons of silly things to talk about, and now that it’s back, nothing. Brain empty.

Good thing I’m working on keeping track better, and I now have two notebooks where I can jot down my brilliant ideas on the spot – the official Notebook of Spinning will now share pages with blog notes, and I have a little “I’m becoming my mother” notepad in my purse. If I don’t write things down – they’re gone daddy gone, and there’s no way of knowing when or if they’ll ever come back around. I send myself lots of emails to remind myself to do things when I get home. I forget a caller’s name as soon as they tell me where they’re from. It’s a big step to write these things down – whether I actually go back and use them remains to be seen. I have a voice recorder that I thought would be the perfect solution to carry around, but then I never listened to the “notes” I recorded – just kept carrying the thing around.

Have you read Susan Gordon Lydon? The Knitting Sutra, Knitting Heaven and Earth, Take the Long Way Home? Knitting Heaven and Earth jumped off the LYS shelf for me one evening, and when I hit the web the next morning, I learned she had just passed away that week. I think she’s amazing, and a darned great writer. I don’t know how to describe her, except that she spoke to me, through me, and with me in all these books – remarkable. I’ve got my own cobbled together spirituality so it was fascinating to read about her journey, and the amazing part fiber played in it for her, and for me too. I wish I could call her up to talk.

Besides the blog, I’ve apparently gotten my fiber mojo back. I was really struggling after the holidays – perhaps a reaction to having to go to work and use space in my brain for something other than what I might play with next. The cable swatches were fighting with me and I was making stoooopid mistakes ( I think I started one in a bad mood – it had bad juju), and I couldn’t commit to a next project. The spinning wheel wasn’t even calling to me, even after I fiddled with the yummy brown wool that I think is cormo cross from the VA Fiber Fest last fall.

But it’s all coming back now – whew again. Cable swatches going along swimmingly once again. I actually did a test ply with the bit of brown wool – and decided that, while it’s lovely as two-ply, I want a three-ply. It’s escaping me now but I recently read a witty blogger’s discussion about why three-ply looks more like commercial or “real” yarn and I want to try it. I’m hoping to spin enough to knit the man a cabled, buttoned vest. His request.


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