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Amazing stuff.

You know, I've been trying to operate under the theory that if you open yourself up to a possibility, really let the universe know what you're after, it will respond. In yet another connected little experience, I got to attend a booksigning with Ellen Burstyn here on Sunday. It turned into a little question and answer session first, and since there were a ton of film students in the room and she's the President of the Board of the Actor's Studio, it turned into one of these Inside interviews... "My name is x and I'm a second-year actor and I was wondering how you prepare for a role like Requiem...." Ellen was lovely and sweet and funny just like you'd imagine her, and all of a sudden she was talking about her path, and the process she took in writing her first book, Lessons in Becoming Myself, and the tribe, and it was like she was talking directly to me. (It helped that, like the eager beaver I am, I sat right in the front.) All the ideas, the ways of being in the world she talked about are the things I'm thinking about - freaky really. I went because I was raised on Same Time Next Year and Alice doesn't Live Here Anymore and I'm so very glad I did! I got the book signed for my mom - the leader of my tribe, but I think I'll have to read it before I send it off. Thanks again, universe!


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