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Holy Canoli

I was just tinkering around and decided to add my favorite astrologer's link to my page. In the process, I checked my daily, weekly and monthly forecasts, wondering if maybe Mercury was back in retrograde and that's why I'm feeling achy and dumpy (like PMS needs an excuse). Here's what the March 'scope had for me, in part:

"Mars is in your sign. Expect to be amazed by the positive possibilities that suddenly become apparent to you. You've got a lot to do and a lot to deal with, but despite the pressure, there's scope for tremendous success. "

One of my favorite things Sally Melville said in her talk about creativity was that "every single possibility exists, it's out there somewhere, and it's just waiting to be observed to bring it into reality."

Now Jonathan Cainer from England is saying it too! It's amazing that when it's time, things start to percolate. Guess it's time. Take a look - he's been spot-on in many funky times in my life since oh, 1989.


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