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Because that's about all I can manage.... Was it a full moon last night? I've got to find something to blame for my general malaise and lack of ability to concentrate. I have both start- and finish-itis, and I've unknit more than I've knit in the last few weeks. I did finish up a second bobbin of the brown wool - it's looking nice and I'm into the third already.

two bobbins

I suppose I'll have to start weighing the fiber before I spin it so I get even bobbins, but I'm still in the serious experimental stage and I have no idea how much is on either bobbin. I do know I've barely made a dent in the pound of this stuff!

A forced hour in a waiting room while Captain America had a procedure Friday was a perfect time to blast through eleven rows of a fancy cable swatch that's been staring me down. Go figure that a place that requires, by signature, that the patient's driver remain in the waiting room for an hour has absolutely NOTHING interesting in the large, uncomfortable room. Remarkable really. Maybe they stopped stocking magazines because people walked out with them. Good thing I'm a knitter.

I has a bit of a bug scare this weekend when I wound some lovely Koigu that I purchased last fall. It was in bits and pieces:

koigu bits

I sent an email to the very responsive not-LYS, who knew from just my name exactly which hanks I had purchsed. No other reports of cut up Koigu, so the nice owner suggested that I investigate for moths or carpet beetles - oy! I pulled out all the stash from the two major caches in the house and wound some CTH merino sock yarn that was living in the same drawer - luckily I found no other damage. I did get to lay my hands on a bunch of yarn I forgot about, organize a few piles into the cool new super large Ziploc bags I found at the grocery, and assemble a frog pile for some later time... The shop offered to take it back, but had no more of this colorway which I've fallen madly in love with, so I cast on for my first pair of Jaywalkers anyway.


This is exactly what I needed - it's simple enough for me at the moment, especially since I WAS working on CeCe. This simple lace cardigan, knit up succesfully by so many already, is completely beyond me. I've started it twice, ripped out rows and rows, and it's now in a bag, yanked off the needles in a fit of frustration Sunday. I remember thinking when I first started it it, "this is knitting up so quickly," and "what an easy-to-keep-track of lace pattern." Mmmm hmmm. Besides the gazillion yarn overs I can't possibly be responsible for managing, I apparently turned off the part of my brain that has done slipped-stitch edges a few times before - I was plotting the row of single crochet I'd need to hide the fug at the edges. I think the cotton needs to be still for a while - I really really want a CeCe, so I'll be back to it soon.

frog pile

I also at least pulled out the Onde Le Gilet cardigan from years ago, and I suppose I'll give it one more go before I rip it out. I haven't been brave enough to take it out of the bag, but I find myself strangely drawn to this funky Phildar yarn.


Last I remember, I had reknit something (a sleeve?) and nothing was fitting together very well. I may have learned enough since then to recover it - cross your fingers. I remember it gave me a bit of a callous where it slid over my finger, but knit up it's quite soft. I have a thing for orange.

Good things for Tuesday - I ordered a new desk chair at work that should arrive today, and then I get to see the neck cracker this afternoon, which also means I get to leave work a bit early. Silly thing - gotta go back there tomorrow anyway, but I looooove escaping before the bell.


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