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A Truce

I'm happy to report that the gorgeous beast of a cable swatch and I have made a sort of peace for the moment, and except for ripping the same blasted rows again, the rows with the sneaky slightly different cables, I've made it through the first of three 39-row repeats. Phew. Cabling without a cable needle is so liberating, so freeing, so much faster than spending five minutes, almost every single cable cross, searching for the needle I just had that has now magically disappeared into the couch, the cat's paws, or my sweatshirt.

As a reward for getting it going again, I started spinning up some of this silky Kid Sliver from my Knitty Spinning Secret Pal last year - mmmm.

I'm off tonight to my old home, DC, to have a look at my brain at the National Institutes of Health. I've been extremely lucky to have been a guinea pig there for almost 13 years, so when they came up with a new study, my name came up! I'll tell you more later, but it's a treat to go see my NIH family, to be in DC for a few days, and to hit yarn shops in several cities while there and on my way back, not to mention skipping work for a few days.

Before I go I hope to book a ticket to get up to MD for the Sheep & Wool - wheeeee!


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