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Use it or lose it.

Vacation time, that is. I've just realized I have 40 hours to use or lose by the end of this month - wheee! I'm taking two four day weekends in a row, and then the last Friday to head back up to NIH - they're having me back to do the scan I bailed on last month. And this time, I WILL make it to StitchDC - I think now, after looking at a map, I was sooooo close last time, but my brain was so frazzled by the insane DC traffic that I gave up.

I'll also catch up on knitting for moi, since it's all swatches, all the time here lately. I have made some progress on my own green sweater - the first piece will be the back, and I'm to the shoulders with a slight design problem to solve. The back neck is higher than the shoulders - not your usual construction. Just have to draw a picture and figure it out.

I also pledge to spend some time with this damned blog design - I'm so frustrated with it and this obnoxious laptop glaring at me that I'll hopefully feel refreshed enough to tackle both on one of these long weekends.

Knitty's Spinning Secret Pal is in full swing - whee! My upstream match couldn't be more perfect and I have loads of fun ideas for her. My downstream has started me off with these silly guys, previously unknown to me:

SP friends


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