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Literally. This hermit and her husband had a houseguest recently, and it's amazing what having someone come to stay does for one's view of their abode. What I mean by that is that it forces one to actually see the two giant televisions hanging out in their living space, and to decide that the foil allegedly keeping the maniac Bluefish out of the plants is not a particularly appealing design feature, and.... you get the idea. We've lived in this house for two years and have escaped any guests - amazing. Preparing for our houseguest (the easiest kind possible - my mom) also meant that, after two years trying to decide how to furnish our sunroom, we, at the last minute, ordered some wicker furniture from Pottery Barn. Which mostly arrived in time, except for the chairs. We also had to get a bed for the guest room, so we bought a platform (formerly known as a box spring - I won't make that mistake again after being corrected several times by the salesman) and ordered one of those all memory foam mattresses online only from Costco. That didn't arrive in time either - we put an air mattress on that platform instead.

Mom's visit also meant a lot of cleaning things that I don't do so regularly - like dusting and waxing the many oak surfaces in the house (much wax on/wax off action), mopping the wood floors, putting things away, and a whole load of throwing things away. I lucked out one day when I came home for lunch to find the charity truck picking up next door, so I foisted several bags of stuff on him, and came home the next day to find the same neighbor had called for a special trash pick-up, so I was able to dump a big old wing chair on her pile - whee! Serendipity in the 'hood - good stuff.

All of this cleaning of course tourqued my right shoulder, even though I tried to make my left arm participate as much as possible. But my left arm just isn't as good or as fast as my right, and my right gets all pissy and grabs the sponge/mop/whatever saying "just give it to me already" every time. I'm surprised I don't hear more people complaining about this defect in the human body - one arm has to do all the work. Just doesn't seem fair.

Anyway, it's amazing, once everything's put away, how fabulous our house is, and how much I want to keep it this nice. I'm definitely a graduate of the Oscar Madison school of housekeeping, so I'm trying to just put things away. I was ruined in third grade - remember Free to be You and Me? I did the Carol Channing Housework skit, decked out in a bandana and overalls with a bucket 'o cleaning stuff, in a school assembly. I memorized the whole thing - I'm in awe of my third grade self hearing it again after all these years. Have a listen - priceless!

I rewarded myself after accomplishing cleaning tasks every night with a few rows of CeCe - some reward to do shaping in lace! It is amazing though to note my progress as a Knitter - I started this almost a year ago and even since then have learned to read my knitting so much better. A mistake that sidelined CeCe a year ago was manageble this time around. Don't tell anyone I said that though, or the Knitting Gods will strike me down for feeling cocky! So I finished it this weekend - gotta block it before it makes its debut. Maybe on someone else if it stays as large as it looks. Call me Goldilocks - always too small, or too big.


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