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How to knit CeCe the Dream way

1. Cast on for ChicKnits' CeCe in August of 2006, get through a few inches of the lace pattern and allow the thought "this is pretty simple - I think I've got this pattern down" to come into your awareness, and then of course, make a spectacular goof somewhere in the lace pattern that, after heroic attempts to repair, causes a total frog in desperation.

2. Start over. Try very hard to remain humble. Stumble briefly, but get into it about to the armhole shaping.

3. Get a spinning wheel for your anniversary and abandon CeCe, with its lacy challenges, completely.

4. Pull CeCe out of the WIP wasteland and try to figure out where you are and why that slipped-stitch edging looks so funky.

5. Give up on starting where you left off and start ALL OVER.

6. Sort of figure out your complete brain fart on slipped-stitch edging, so at least one front edge of the cardigan looks good, but don't realize your oh-so-simple mistake on the other edge until it's become a design feature. Plot the crochet edging you'll add to hide the fug.

7. To cleverly avoid sleeve island, cast on for both at the same time and knit four rows of ribbing. Now notice that the pattern says knit four ROUNDS of ribbing. Oh. Cast on the first sleeve, knit that ribbing again, realize you just can't read and you didn't cast on enough stitches and start the blasted thing over. Rinse and repeat (only once) for the second sleeve.

8. Somewhere in the yoke, decide that, after a bunch of decreases that sure, you have enough room on that circular needle to try it on. But you really don't, and so spend the rest of that evening getting a bunch of stitches back on the needle correctly.

9. Finish!

10. Realize that once again, you have horrible judgment when it comes to knitting the right size. Always. Several recent knits have been a bit snug in my shoulders, and this is meant to be worn over something, so I made the second size - which may well be too big in the shoulders. This can't possibly have anything to do with gauge or my unwillingness to keep track of my measurements. It's not a vanity thing - I promise. Just some weird avoidance of measuring and writing down.... Or maybe that this is heavy cotton and lots of lace - BonneMarie and Fluffa both used springy and light Calmer yarn for theirs.

11. Block. Hold your breath. Think about what friends you like enough who might also be the right size to give it to you if you can't shrink it or block it into submission.


12. Try it on two of your friends, unsuccessfully, and realize it's just too big.

13. Wash the sucker in hot water and dry on the long cycle hoping for shrinkage.

14. Come very close to throwing CeCe in the trash, but don't, because even though it didn't shrink enough, it's just such a pretty little lacy cardi that there must be some way to rescue it.

15. Take out the neck strap thing - and plan to shorten it by half, sew it on using every other stitch on the neckline to see if you can pull it in a bit.

I wasn't going to publish this post until I was able to show you an amazing photo of me modeling the damned thing, but it's going to hang out in the pile in the corner of knitting central (the loveseat) while I turn my attention to yet another sweater to knit in the wrong size. More on that when I get a swatch knit.

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You could just give it to me!

Kidding. [Dammit.]

Thanks for the Rockin' Girl nomination - I feel special!

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