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My first no-pattern sweater is finished and IT FITS!* I started this at the beginning of the summer, during a break from Ms. Leapman's amazing and numerous cable swatches, and then forgot about it once I had to start figuring the plan for the shaping. But as I discussed in my short row post, this thing really stayed lurking around in my head, quietly, until the next steps just sort of happened organically. Here's the first fitting, after I had the sleeves on and the sides sewed up:
It was hard to contain my glee and remain humble while finishing the other seam and knitting up the neckline, but I must not have pissed off the knitting goddess, because it continued to work.

Captain America wasn't home when I proudly wore my sweater to work Wednesday, so I had to fend for myself with the self-timer on my camera and a great little tripod that I can wrap around or perch on anything. Which ended up being the bird feeder pole, because I wanted to get the sweater in front of the morning glories it grew up with. You know that visual-spatial problem I have? Means I just can't get myself in front of the camera - I have twenty shots of my shoulder. I did manage this one:
So, I copied a little black sweater I own, and added a teeny tiny bit of design with seed stitch for the top third of the body and also the sleeves. I didn't hesitate to rip and redo when something didn't look right and felt good about it. I counted and kept pretty good track in my pretty little notebook and was generally able to figure out what I had scribbled in there. I used about four and a half hanks of Lasvold Silky Tweed and size 5 US needles throughout. The squarish neckline wasn't on purpose, and I can now see what I'd do to make it more rounded, but I love it. I'm delighted - tickled - proud. I'm not as dense as I once thought, and while I still don't see myself whipping off sweaters with no pattern on a regular basis, I proved something to myself. I walked around for a few days doing Kevin Spacey's "I rule" move from American Beauty. I bragged to non-knitters who had no idea what it means to make up your own pattern. Woot!

*Full story now - the sweater DOES fit, it just "hangs out" after wearing. When I first put it on, the break of stockinette to seed stitch was perfectly placed right across the top of my bust, but by the end of the day, as you can see in the picture above, it hung down to below my boobages. Still fine, still fits, but, as it should be, I learned another swatching lesson - wash & block baby - wash and block the swatch. It's baby steps for me I guess - I've grown as a knitter and I now at least knit a small swatch before I start a project, so I'll just have to break down and admit I HAVE to take the next step. Which I just did for my next project - the big swatch has had a wash. See - I can learn from my mistakes - just slowly apparently. S'okay - it's all good. Anyway, I have another sweater's worth of this yarn, in a great demin-y blue tweed, which I'll likely knit on a smaller needle. This yarn makes a terrific fabric - soft and light and drapey - but it's got 30% cotton - must be what contributes to its growth after wearing. I'm NOT complaining - still in love with my sweater and I'll just toss it in the dryer with a damp towel to shape it back up each time I wear it. I do that with store-bought sweaters all the time.

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WOOT! it's gorgeousity. say it with me now-i want one!

It fits you perfectly! Congratulations!

It is beautiful! I love the design, and the color. Well done!


VERY nice!

Dawn, your sweater is perfect. The placement of the break between seed and stockinette stitch is very complimentary.

I hope to see it in person one of these days.


Awesome! It looks gorgeous on you -- and congratulations on your first self-design! Copying a sweater you already know fits you well is SUCH a good idea, huh?


You did it!! I knew you could :) It looks great and the fit is terrific! I can totally sypathize with the sizing issues, I think I have finally gotten it down after my little cardi came out WAY tooo big the first time. I have major sizing/ease misconceptions.

Anyway - I love it. The seed stitch and the perfect fit of the sleeve caps make me smile - such attention to detail :)

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