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Leroy, my FEMALE spider friend, got herself a big 'ol cicada yesterday - she was wrapping its upper body when I checked on her before work, and by the time I came home, she had sucked it dry and dropped it to the ground.

Of course I know that female spiders are the showier of the species, and that at least black widows eat their mates, but I believe this is the sort of thing we learned in school that just, as time goes by, simply falls out of our brains. Like algebra. And in my defense for assuming that Leroy's size and position made her male: 1) I simply do not think about spiders unless I'm squealing and levitating trying to escape one - or I'm watching Debra Winger hunt a human version down in Black Widow (ooohhhhh - remember that French man in Hawaii - yummy); b) I spend a lot of time stalking my bird feeders with the cats, and when it comes to birds, the boys ARE prettier; and 3) did I mention that I'm afraid of spiders and just never give them room in my brain or my world? I check on this girl at least twice a day. I worry when I go to visit and she's moved around the corner in the bed - I have a moment of despair when I think she might be gone. Go figure - I have a spider friend.

In knitting news, I've just finished a quickie Ty Dye bolero for my wild and crazy mother. Sort of finished. I discovered, as I laid it out to block, that I had pulled one of my classic garment-making maneuvers, perfected way back as a teen sewing clothes: I sewed up one side inside out. Yup - even though I know this particular trick well, and work to guard against it, and thought I checked carefully while riding home from the beach last weekend - I now have to take that garter stitch seam out and flip it. I did find the perfect glass button when we stopped at Knitting Addiction on the way home. This store is one of the very few I've ever been in that has samples and projects knitted up for EVERY SINGLE YARN in the shop. The owner told me she and one of her staff knit all fall and winter to make sure they know and can talk about each and every product in the shop. Fantastic.

I've also just completed the front of the green Silky Tweed sweater, and I'm an inch in to both sleeves - I CAN do them both at once on this project, and these are little cap sleeves, so i expect to have photos by the weekend. I three-needle bound off the shoulder seams - the ones on all four shoulders that I managed to do short-row style (still reeling from the success) and draped it over myself - though I'd never say it out loud, it looks like this could fit. Shhhh - not gonna jinx it.

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Oh man, Leroy is super scary. I'm absolutely petrified by spiders, but yours is so pretty it's hard to run away.

Good luck with the sweater fitting.


That is a great spider photograph. I was very scared of spiders, since childhood, but when J at age 4 passed me a tarantula he was holding at an animal expo - it was either be a Mum-woose, scream, drop-it, run and maybe pass phobia on or take it on the chin and let it walk on my hand - 2nd one won and my phobia was dealt with. Now with 5 big 8 legged beasties - I spend more time fascinated by them than afeared :-)

Jen Lamb:

We also have a spider that looks alot like your Leroy. It has built its web (this past weekend) where our sliding glass doors open. Last night, my 17 yr. old daughter went to take the dogs out and almost walked right through it!! Did she ever scream!! Can you imagine having it on your face-YUK!!!

I love Leroy - she's beautiful! I, too, am crazy-scared of spiders, complete with periodic nightmares, but inexplicably have been naming my hous spiders for years. The most recent was Bob, who would go out the gap around the door during the day, then come in to guard the doorway at night. He got mad when I wouldn't let him progress through the apartment to the bedroom though, and went out never to return. Sign.

Good luck on the sweater-fitting!

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