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The Club

A delightful thing happened yesterday on the way home from our weekly pilgrimage to the Outer Banks. I drive down since it's early in the morning and I've usually been up for hours, so CA always drives back - which means I get to knit for 74 miles. (Which also means I don't have to see how close CA is to the car in front of him.) I was deep into the corrugated ribbing of my latest project and was jolted by a horn honking - beep beep beep-BEEP - not necessarily a good sound. My head whipped up to see, in the left lane, a woman grinning and pointing to the knitting she was holding up and waving out the window of her big SUV. Too much - I'm grinning now thinking about it. I'm not sure what CA makes of me and this club sometimes - along with my many other quirks, but he cracked up too. I explained that it's just like how motorcycle dudes wave at other motorcycle dudes, or how anyone who has a four-wheel drive vehicle will automatically tow another four wheel drive vehicle out of the sand no-questions-asked, or I don't know, a secret handshake. I wagged my knitting back, laughing. Good stuff - made up for all the idiots who apparently paid extra to lollygag around in the left lane (not talking about the knitter). On that - do they forget to talk about what the left lane is for in driving school anymore? It's seared in my brain after driving lessons with my dad and the time I was driving the Bronco on the Washington, DC beltway with other family members in the car and he got so embarrassed that I was passed on the right. I was mortified as only a 15 year and 9 month old driver can be, but to this day I feel like an idiot if I get passed on the right. I just went to the DMV to see if the Driver's Manual said anything good about what the left lane was for, and not finding what I wanted, I found this absolutely hysterical and perfect ink while googling. Captain America says I can't get one of these decals for my car - what a killjoy.

But I was talking about knitting, and about being part of this fantastic group of people. And about that corrugated ribbing for my Reynolds Whiskey Fairisle Pullover (scroll down - first pattern on the right). For which I made a proper swatch, simulating the in-the-round knitting by leaving big, messy strands hanging off the back of the piece. I'm too cheap frugal worried about running out of yarn to clip at each end, but this method worked quite nicely. I then washed and blocked it - alert the press. I even got gauge, though my quest for the proper needles in the proper sizes and combinations proved difficult. I have more to say on that, just not right now. Anyway - the swatch, front and fabulously messy back:
I've already done five inches of corrugated ribbing and I adore how the lavender glows from between the tobacco, and the tidy lines the stranding makes both front and back. I even carefully took all 200 stitches off the needles so I could try it on before starting the body - amazing how small this band looks and how nicely it fits so far. It did take doing the decrease round twice to remember how to figure "evenly" over the round and that it involves subtracting one after doing the division. I think out of all the crazy stuff I've knit, stranded knitting is my very favorite so far. Keeps me interested as I fall prey to the "just one more row" routine so I can see the next pretty colors go by. Appeals to my deeply buried neat-freak. Good stuff all around. Plus I'll potentially have a new sweater to wear BEFORE it gets cold.

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There you are!! For some reason I wasn't picking up your feed and I was thinking "Where's Dawn? I miss her!" But you're right here and I've been missing out on your goings on!

I love the compatriot knitter on the road story, that's just perfect :) And this sweater is going to be perfect too!! Love the colors. I adore stranding too, incredibly so. I can't wait to start my Solveig Hisdal, but it must wait just a bit!!

The left lane is definitely for passing slower drivers or for making a left turn. I honestly don't believe they teach that any more.

Too funny about the waving knitter!

Thanks for showing the back of the swatch. I always wonder what the backs and insides look like on colorwork patterns.

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