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I'm now most certainly over my little boredom episode as evidenced by the two-about to be three-new things on the needles. The Minimalist Cardi from IK turned out to be just the ticket to get me out of my slump, especially since I'm making it with the Cherry Tree Hill Silk & Merino I stayed up til midnight last year to buy on deeeeeep discount.


I managed to get this much done during the database training last week - not as much as I would have liked, but since I had to be head cheerleader, refreshment stocker, and best learner during the sessions, I'm pleased I got to knit at all. I'm pretty awed by how much needs to be fixed, and how badly this database has been managed over the last 10 years. In typical non-profit fundraising, the accounting department has very different needs than the development department, and neither wants to play nice (or even speak) with the other. I now get to be the mediator for both groups - and I'm working to find a way to assure both I've got their backs.

Back to my knitting - I know some folks are bothered by variegated yarn, but I love the weirdness that often results, like the line of little blobs of color in a row that developed here. I'm way too lazy to alternate balls of yarn every couple of rows - I take what I get. The colors in this yarn are ones I wear all the time so it will be a useful wardrobe unit. I used to say this was my very favorite yarn, the one I'd take with me to a deserted island, but it has serious pilling issues. It's still up there on my list for its incredible softness and sheen and drape, and the moss stitch is enough to break up the colors. If I ever got into the yarn making business, it would involve silk.


I also found the perfect use for my little bits of handspun - who knew I would love mitered squares so much? They're not only super fun and fast to knit, they make good use of the funky colors I end up with:


This is one of two I knit up this week, but I forgot to take a picture of the second and it's off on a secret mission now. I fantasize about making myself something with a bunch of random squares of my funky handspun someday.

I've temporarily lost interest in the Whiskey fair isle sweater - I DID finish the first sleeve, agonizing flat knitting and all, and even have almost all of the 5" of ribbing one for the second sleeve. I can't bring myself to pick it up right now though - so instead I think I'll finally cast on for Captain America's cabled vest. I think I'm making it up as I go along, and basing it loosely on a vest in Men in Knits. I've knit two full cardigans for the man, but I apparently have the same issues with fit no matter who I'm knitting for - both were a disaster and live in a box upstairs now. In my defense, the first was very early in my knitting life and I had no concept of gauge at that time. I'm hopeful (and wiser) for this new wearable for my guy.

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Sounds like work is keeping you on your toes ;) They've got the right woman for it though, you'll do great.

I'm loving that handspun mitered square - it's beautiful. And I think your minimalist cardigan is going to be lovely!

Oooh, I very much like the colors of your square. We have a deal here that when The Economist gets his guitar, I'll get a wheel... Your yarn looks so comfy and luxurious and fall-y. As for the pooling colors, well, I don't necessarily like the finished look, but I'm fascinated by how everything runs together. And secretly, I hope for pooling in future variegated yarn projects so I can see the colors doing what they want to do. (The psychology behind the idea that various colors actually desire to come together in a certain way is, well, the subject of an entire blog post...)

Right. Off to check out what's going on with your Whiskey yarn, since the catalog on the desk beside me is currently flipped to said yarn. I suppose this is my slightly pathetic way of catching up, since you know by now that I'm miserable when it comes to responding to emails. Oh, and Era? Sigh... At this point, the poor afghan will be done by the time we buy our bungalow after The Economist retires - at least four years from now.


The Whiskey sweater looks fab - but I know that when you need a break from a project you need a break. No point forcing it.

I have a love/hate relationship with variegated yarn, but I'm with you on enjoying the odd pooling and patterns it creates.


Great idea for using some of the handspun. Mitred squares. Love the colours.


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