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Cammouflage Minimalist


Somewhere in the travels and craziness of November, I finished my Cherry Tree Hill Silk & Merino IK Minimalist Cardigan. It's amazing I ever did finish - I managed to knit merrily along, inches past what I was supposed to, on both the fronts and the sleeves. I took some of it out, but left itlonger than suggested. I guess I must really love knitting this stuff - and it is sooooo soft. I did the fronts & sleeves two at a time - love that. After knitting a good amount I was finally able to see the pattern in all that variegation and it was a quick, easy, and satisfying knit. I've worn it several times already - it's an absolutely perfect "throw on with jeans" thing and it's warm and snuggly. I do find myslef wanting to close it at the top, so I may go with a shawl pin on particularly chilly days.
This poor sweater will now forever be known as the database sweater - the one I started so I had something to knit during training. Do you do that? Think of your projects in terms of what was going on when you knit them? The last time I worked with CTH yarn, I made a diamond pullover from VK while my grandfather was ill - can't help but think of that and him when I pull it out. Then there are those socks that got me published.

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Audrey S.:

I do remember events with the projects that were associated; the poncho I made during a Mayo Clinic course on pediatric echocardiography (never working with black again during a course that was mostly slides!); the Meade scarf (by Elizabeth from Knittyboard) during a cardiology convention this summer in Seattle.

Beautiful cardigan! I'm thinking of adding that one to my queue, which seems to be ever-expanding; I add to it faster than I get projects done!


Lovely job - it *looks* very soft and satisfying to knit.

And I almost always multitask while knitting, even if it's just watching TV, so I have strong associations for almost every project.

It's beautiful! Not usually a fan of variegated, but I love how yours came out. I keep thinking I need to get some of that yarn to knit The Economist a pair of digi-gloves.

Lately I've been listening to audio books while knitting. Anne of Green Gables is forever knit into my current mitten project. Travels to Bavaria and Italy are in a pair of socks.


I love the simplicity of the pattern - it works so well with the varigated colourway - lovely!

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