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62 and counting

Sixty-two ends I wove in and trimmed off my Whiskey Fair Isle pullover - and there are still soooo many more. I just want to wear it already - I even dreamed I couldn't wait to wear it and did without weaving in all the ends, and the dream was all about my embarrassment as all those ends kept hanging out of the neckband at work. Ugh. I was committed last night to getting it done so I could wear it today but, after all those ends, I conked out on the couch at 9:30. For a moment this morning I thought I might finish before work, but then I remembered that yes, I had snapped the seaming yarn on the first sleeve and have to redo part of that seam (more ends). I tried to pretend that hadn't happened - I couldn't find a break when I first heard it snap, and the sweater's been on several times since them with no problem - but of course the sleeve opened up as I was weaving. At least it wasn't while I was wearing it.

I ended up trying three different bind-offs for the neckline ribbing: 1)the recommended bind of in rib - came out floppy and didn't lay flat, 2) a plain knit bind-off - still floppy and just not so good, and finally 3) a knit bind-off, but as I went, I knit and bound off the knit stitches as usual, and before binding off the purls I purled them together. Did I say that clearly? I reduced the number of stitches on the bound off-edge by purling the two purl stitches in each rib together before binding them off as one. Perfect! My handknits often suffer from some neckline issue and I was determined to make this one look pretty and function properly. Score!

So - tomorrow. I WILL finish this sweater tonight (which fits perfectomundo!) and I WILL wear it tomorrow.


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