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115 and then some!

Ends, that is - a whole lotta ends going on here! But they're all woven in, and I did indeed wear this sweater to work on Friday after I sewed in the very last end that same morning. It fits poifectly - I mean poifectly. I'm thrilled that I can wear this to Knittapalooza in just a little over two weeks!

The pattern: Reynolds Whiskey Fairisle Patterned Pullover from booklet 82391

Yarn: Reynolds Whiskey in suggested colorway - I fell in love with the "lavender" stripe in the corrugated ribbing. Too lazy to get up and see what's left, but I know I have a ball or two rolling around somewhere. I maybe bought extra...

Needles: 3 and 4 circs - combination of addi, Susan Bates, and HiyaHiya!

Details: If you don't like stranded knitting back and forth, don't knit a Reynolds pattern. Not a steek to be found in this booklet. If I were to do it again, I'd figure out how to insert steek stitches for the sleeves, but I want to steek from a witten pattern before I go all maverick on it. Confession - I added a row and my own twist to a stripe on one of the sleeves.... hard to spot but now that I know where it is, it's the first thing I see. I'm over it - I'm just sayin'. Binding off in 2x2 ribbing made for a floppy neckline, so I took that out and tried just a knit bind-off - still floppy and untidy. So, the third time WAS a charm here, when I bound off in pattern AND purled the two purls of each rib together before binding them off - voila.

Here's my current knitting conundrum as I finish another "sweater" and set in more sleeves: the second sleeve always goes in better and easier and even-er and I start to feel bad for that poor first sleeve that had to be the on-the-job-training one. It just doesn't seem fair that I have to practice on the first and the second gets to go in so much better. I'm considering picking out the first sleeve seam in my mohair white blouse because it's just not quite up to the second one's standards! (I said considering - we're talking about fuzzy, sticky, white mohair here.)

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What a beautiful sweater - you did a lovely job on it!

That's beautiful!

Wow, it's great! I bought the pattern booklet to make this sweater and I never did. You just reminded me why I wanted to make it.

Fantastic... am scared of fair isle myself.

I like your statement under your blog title... you might enjoy this recent post on my blog in this regard - just delete "lace" from all refs:



I don't think I've ever seen so many ends in all my life!! How incredibly satisfying and worthwhile though - it's gorgeous Dawn. Gorgeous. I love the pattern shots, but seeing this on a real person makes me love it even more - you are a knitter extraordinaire!!

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