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Like Wearing a Cloud


Thanks to Brouhaha for that title - this blouse is light and airy AND warm - merino and kid mohair from Crystal Palace.

This is the absolute fussiest thing I've ever knit. Lots of pieces, lots of seaming, LOTS of grafting - live stitches to bound off stitches. I did get a clear image in my head on how to do that and made a fairly decent go at it all. I do make a damn fine button band these days!

I had to graft the cuffs to the sleeves TWICE for each side. Yup, I picked out all those white fuzzy mohair seams twice and re-grafted. I found it most challenging to keep track of what was a stitch and what wasn't - with this fine yarn it was difficult to tell the difference between the stitch and between the stitch. After I had accomplished my 2nd go at cuff-grafting, I realized I had slightly screwed up one of them. The buttonhole side of the cuff is supposed to lap over the button side, just like a regular blouse, but I managed to do the opposite. Oh well - I like it better unbuttoned anyway!

Pattern: The Sally Melville Collection for Needful Yarns (I'd love to link you to this pattern, but Needful doesn't seem to be listing it at the moment)
Yarn: Crystal Palace Kid Merino - 4.25 balls
Needles: KnitPicks Options US4

I grabbed the photographer at work for a quick shoot yesterday, and I sort of imagined he'd at least put me in front of a solid backdrop, but beggars can't be choosers, right? That's all his stuff in his studio in the background. The blouse grew a bit while wearing it, and I may end up sewing up the front partway to kill the gapping that inevitably happens.

I'm thrilled with this one - it fits, it's elegant, it's so different. And I was there for the pattern's birth - pretty cool. Sally Melville remains one of my top ten knitting godesses - this blouse is one of the many reasons why. Woot!

Now, should I wear it Friday or Saturday to Knittapalooza?

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You should wear it all 3 days! It's beautiful. And I can't wait to see it in person.


that's awesome! totally worth all the effort - you'll be able to wear it tons, enjoy.....

Wow, that's really pretty! All that effort paid off-- it looks great on you.

That is beautiful! Only 4.5 balls? I may have to seek that pattern out myself......


Oh Dawn, that is just beautiful!! In fact, one of the most elegant knits
I have seen - you did an incredible job!! *sigh* I wish I could be at Knitapalooza to see it in person - Wear it with pride!!

Oh my goodness! That is one of the most beautiful knitted garments I've ever seen!


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