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Spring forward?

Spring? Springy? More like stumbling chez the Dream since the early time change. As a confirmed sun worshipper, I do love the late day sun, but man, this early switch has been mighty rough on me. I also love my early mornings, and 5AM has still been mighty dark in these here parts. Or that's my story anyway... or part of it.

For the two weeks following my fifth Knittapalooza weekend*, I fumbled around in a fiber-overload daze trying to figure out what to knit next. Sure, I have a bunch of Melissa Leapman's fabulous sliip-stitch swatches to amuse me, and boy DO they amuse me, but I had nothing else on any needles since finishing the fair isle sweater and the white blouse. NOTHING. And nothing calling me, except that gorgeous Sheep Shop silk/wool, which has steadfastly refused to tell me what it wants to be. I've swatched it, stared at it, searched Ravelry for a pattern that called its name - nothing. then I remembered some pink Koigu in my stash and pulled that out to see if it might play well with the Sheep Shop - I'm still not sure. What do you think? Maybe a slip-stitch or mosaic something? Can I do slip stitch patterns with just one color? It's such a gorgeous semi-solid, I think a simple textured stitch of some sort will bring it out.

So that's hanging out in the knitting corner of the couch. I'm thinking I might just do the ever-popular Monkey socks from Knitty with the Koigu and continue to hope for inspiration for the Sheep Shop stuff.

But then Captain America's vest from my brown handspun popped into my head, and I spent a couple of days pondering the design, and searching Ravelry some more, and staring at the yarn, and pondering some more, until I bit the bullet and cast on for the Cabled Rib Vest from Men In Knits. And I haven't put it down since. I admit feeling immense pride watching my handspun knit up into a gorgeous fabric, even though the yarn is both underspun and underplied in lots of parts, and even though those funky thick parts appear to enjoy aligning themselves over rows and cables, and the thin parts also often seem to seek each other out.
I was able to get some photos when the sun finally made a brief appearance this week, and I'm just plain delighted with this project so far. I'm cruising up to the shoulder on one of the fronts, which is thick and square and handsome. Hopefully the three hanks remaining will a) be enough to finish the vest and 2) be enough alike in grist to continue at the same gauge for the rest of the project.

Now that my mojo has returned, I've been pulled back to my spinning wheel, which has been languishing untouched in my dining room since (gasp) last July when my mom visited and I made her try it. The same purple wool that I tortured her with was still hanging out in the basket next to the wheel and on the bobbin, so that's what I've been spinning since last Sunday afternoon - I guess when my mojo comes back, it COMES BACK. I'm deliberately putting more twist than I've ever used in the singles since I seem to have a tendency to under-twist. I split the 8oz. of roving in half and I'm shooting for a sock-weight two or three ply. (That makes it sound like I have any control over what I end up with - which I really don't.)

*I do have lots to say about Knittapalooza V - another incredible, mind-blowing weekend, but even though I've started a post about it it feels too special not to write about it very carefully and thoughtfully. I'll get there...


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