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Obsess much?

It's actually February 18th, even though this post is probably dated the 16th - my blog keeps denying me permission to post words or pictures. My fabulous blog hostess fixed this problem in January, I was able to eke out a whole post, and then by the time I got around to this one, broken again. I've emailed my poor hostess, but in the meanwhile decided to dig and HERE I AM! Woot - I fixed my own chmod problem via ftp and I have no idea what it all really means, except I can get back on with it already!

This post was meant to be about a whole bunch of projects, FOs, and updates, but I've been completely sidetracked by Mel's new Interweave pattern Float. I mean sidetracked to the exclusion of just about anything else. Obsessed? Maniacal?

I cast on Saturday night when I rememberd I had a half-wound hank of Purled Llama alpaca lace that I bought in the last minutes of Knittapalooza 2006 I think. I had a slim memory of this yarn but didn't remember it was alpaca - perfecto. It's local - and Chestnut Plum may well have been the Knittapalooza colorway that year. It reminds me of my favorite bikini in the 70's - I might have been seven or eight. Anyway, I cast on - I used the cable cast on with a random size 3 circular with a looooong cord and shiny silver, pointier-than-Addis-but-not-so pointy needles. Took me a long while, but I was satisfied and well-counted.

Sunday mornng, very early, which is when I wake up to a couple of hours all to myself, I got the first row knit, and then, since I can’t be bothered to actually pay attention to the directions I just read, launched right into an eyelet row without bothering to knit rows 2-6! This is just so me - no bother, I pulled it out and started over.

I learned two things on try #1 - I will knit it on 4s because the only long 3s I have are shiny and my eyes can’t take the double whammy of shiny and little itty bitty stitches! Not to mention that my KnitPicks Options are pointier and grippier. I'll put off the little Custom Knits sweater I just swatched on my 4s - I want this Float!!

So, cast on #2 - I consulted my sister in fiber and she recommended the knitted, or lace, cast on - okay. I got in a couple of rows while trying very hard to ignore that cast on, but reason prevailed and I took this baby out too. Most of it - something got stuck at the edge of this cast on so I ripped it off and had to take a picture of it. Yes, I went overboard on the "cast on loosely" part, but it's at least even and the colors are so, so yummy.


The third time apparently IS a charm, and I'm now happily through row eight. My eyes are pissed that I was so resistant to putting glasses on - it's not vanity, just laziness. It all is much better on the wood needles, but it's still fine lace yarn and I'm old. We have readers all over the house, so I'm wearing them!

Now please excuse me, I must go knit a few more rows - I think I have 15 rows until I start the first pleat. Thank god we're off today.

ETA - That was Monday - I've now reached the instructions to begin the first pleat - and I forgot to mention that I cast on 355 stitches to get a slightly shorter than written stole. I forgot how obsessive I get about lace - it's all I can think about. I wish it were speedier - I want more, faster - but it is what it is and will be lovely and wafty when I'm done. And I like knitting.

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