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Mostly dead?

I just tried to view my blog to find an old entry to list to and nothing shows up! Hopefully adding a new post might revive it - it's been far too long since I've written a thing.

Life has been chugging along, though a new facet of my job has me spending all day, every day doing research online, and thus not spending as much time online at home. Ravelry has, as I feared. also taken up a lot of that online time, keeping me away from here for so many reasons. One of which was the Tour de Fleece - I committed fully to that for the first time this year. Tons o' fun, a lot of discipline, and a lot of photo taking, downloading, and posting to Ravelry. Here - look at all the yarn I made:
Laceweight 3-ply alpaca:

Fingering-ish silk & merino singles:

Fingering 2-ply mohair:

I'm in the middle of fermenting an indigo dyepot - will hopefully dye that alpaca this weekend.

I'm not a good blogger - but I want to be, so no promises, but I'll try.


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